Deep Fryer

Fryer not operating

These may the reasons for the fryer not operating: Control Panel assembly, not seated properly, Power Strip not installed, correctly, Not turned ON, Not plugged in, Outlet not energized. Here are some of the solutions: Reinstall Control Panel assembly, Reinstall Power Strip, Turn Timer Control Knob to ON, Insert SureRELEASETM Power Cord into fryer socket, then insert plug into outlet, Check fuses or circuit breaker

Food greasy or not crisp

Food batches too large, Oil temperatures too low, Using wrong type of oil. Use less food in basket, Increase oil temperature, Use good vegetable oil.

Oil spills over

"Oil Reservoir over filled, Too much water in food, Food batches too large. Remove excess oil (when cool) (Fill between ""MIN"" and ""MAX"" marking.) Dry food with paper towels Use less food in basket"

Unpleasant smell

Replace oil