Product FAQs

General Questions

Why won't my blender crush ice?

For best results when crushing ice, it is recommended to feed in 1-3 cubes of ice at a time. Add 1 cup of liquid into the blender jar. Use the Pulse or Liquefy feature to blend.

Can the food chop setting be used with the slicing and grating attachment?

Yes, the food chop setting will work with the slicing and grating attachment. The slicing and grating discs are NOT designed to function in the reverse direction. The slicing and grating discs will not cut food in the reverse direction. We recommend that you use the slicing and grating attachment with the Low Pulse or Low Manual speed for best results.

Why is my blender jar leaking?

If your Oster® blender is leaking, check the following - Is the sealing ring over the blade? Is the threaded bottom cap on tight enough? Is the jar cracked at the bottom? Is the threaded bottom cap cracked? Is the sealing ring missing? Is the sealing ring cracked, broken or rotting? Does the item being blended exceed jar capacity? For replacement parts, please contact a local service centre.

What does the milkshake blade work?

The milkshake blade adds 35% more air for thicker, frothier shakes. Hard candy, nuts and other hard foods should not be added to shakes when using this blade.

My blender turns on, but why doesn't the blade rotate?

If the blade is not turning, check that the jar is properly placed on the base of the unit. If the above has been checked and blade still doesn't rotate.

Why won't my Oster blender turn on?

If the Oster Blender isn't turning on, check the following - Is the blender plugged into a working outlet? Did you select a power setting? If these have been checked and the blender will still not power on, please contact a service centre.

Can my existing Oster® blender blade be used with the Oster® Fusion?

Yes, all other Oster® blades and accessories fit on the Oster® Fusion. The Oster® Fusion will perform best when used with the 6-point star blade.

Where can I find the wattage information on a blender?

Wattage for Oster blenders may vary from 450 watts to 500 watts. The wattage information can be found on the bottom of the blender base.

Where can I purchase parts for my Oster Blender?

Parts for Oster Blenders can be purchased online, through retailers and at service centres. To find the service centre in your area,

Where can I purchase a new Kitchen Center?

The Kitchen Center is no longer available and was discontinued in 1994. If you need service or you would like to find a service center in your area for service parts of accessories, please refer to the service center locator.

Why has my blender blade begun to rust?

It is not common for a blender blade to rust. They are made of high-quality stainless steel, but if left in water too long they may rust. To avoid rust, carefully dry the blade assembly immediately after washing.

Can the Oster® Fusion 6-point star blade be used with my existing Oster® blender?

Yes, it will fit and can be used safely. However, the blade is designed specifically for the Oster® Fusion and will give you the greatest performance when used on that blender.